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Plugged In - our IT Recycling Project

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Our IT recycling project has been running since the pandemic. We gave our first recycled IT package out in May 2020. At the beginning of the pandemic, our members told us that people they worked with were struggling to work, live and teach their families as they had no or limited IT and internet. From this, the project was born. We asked members, families and friends to donate unwanted IT equipment and members to refer people to receive them.

Today, Plugged In continues to take donations of IT equipment and referrals, from member organisations and partners in North West Glasgow, for FREE refurbished IT equipment and wifi for people and families you work with in your community in North West Glasgow.


We have PC packages ready to give out. Each PC package contains a PC tower, monitor, mouse, keyboard, web cam and a ‘How to’ guide. Funding allowing, we aim to include free internet with our packages.

We also take referrals for laptops, tablets and mobile phones - please note there can be longer waiting times for these items (4-6 weeks).

We ask that all Referrer organisations read our Referrer Information Sheet before making a referral. If you have and questions, you can call or email Martina or Gordon on 0141 952 7090 or

Please use this referral form to make a referral request for an IT package.

***Please note that due to restrictions with funding and capacity we need to prioritise applications from the North West of Glasgow. We will however do our best to support applications from out with this area. Applications from outside the North West may have to wait longer for their referral and are most likely to receive a PC Package only.


What we can take:
- Laptops
- Desktop PCs (Less than ten years old)
- Tablets (Must be without password and factory reset)
- Smartphones (Must be without password and factory reset)
- Optical USB or Wireless Mice
- USB or Wireless Keyboards
- Monitors (Must be working)
- HD Webcams
- WiFi Dongles, or MiFi boxes (SIM Powered routers)
- Three Pin Power Cables
- VGA Display Cables
- Tablet and Phone chargers (All varieties)
- Hard Drives (SSD or Spinning Disk)


All donated PCs and laptop equipment is data wiped, and certification of this can be provided on request. A certificate is provided for each individual item once wiped when requested. The method we use to do this is Redkey Data Destruction. This software performs a full data wipe of IT equipment to industry standards and in line with regularity requirements outlines in GDPR. The software wipes the disk completely of all saved data and Operating System leaving a completely clean drive.
Redkey has also been awarded ADISA industry certification.

All our refurbished IT equipment is also PAT tested for electrical safety.

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