We are a small team & there may be days when there are no staff in the office, so the best way to get in touch is by email hello.northwestglasgowvsn@outlook.com

Network Newsletters

We send out regular Newsletters to our members. Below are the links to the most recent:

4th August 2022 Newsletter

July 21st 2022 Network News

July 7th 2022 Network Update

June 30th 2022 Network News

June 16th 2022 Network News

June 9th 2022 Network News

May 26th 2022 Network News

May 12th 2022 Network News

April 28th 2022 Network News

April 14th 2022 Network News

March 31st 2022 Network News

March 17th 2022 Network News

March 3rd 2022 Network News 

February 24th 2022 Network News

February 10th 2022 Network News

January 27th 2022 Network News

January 13th 2022 Newsletter

Newsletter 16th December 2021 - Merry Christmas!

Newsletter 9th December 2021

AGM Newsletter - 1st December 2021

Newsletter 25th November 2021

Newsletter 18th November 2021

Newsletter 11th November 2021

Newsletter 28th October 2021

Newsletter 21st October 2021

Newsletter 7th October 2021

Newsletter 23rd September 2021

Newsletter 9th September 2021

Newsletter Extra 2nd September 2021

Newsletter 26th August 2021

Newsletter 12th August 2021

Newsletter 29th July 2021

Newsletter 15th July 2021

Newsletter 8th July 2021

Newsletter 24th June 2021

Newsletter 10th June 2021

Newsletter 27th May 2021

Newsletter Extra 20th May 2021

Newsletter 13th May 2021

Newsletter 29th April 2021

Newsletter Extra 22nd April 2021

Newsletter 15th April 2021

Newsletter Extra 8th April 2021

Newsletter 1st April 2021

Newsletter 18th March 2021

Newsletter Extra 11th March 2021

Newsletter 4th March 2021

Newsletter 25th February 2021

Newsletter 11th February 2021

Newsletter 28th January 2021

Newsletter 21st January 2021

Newsletter 14th January 2021

Newsletter 7th January 2021

Newsletter 17th December 2020

Newsletter 10th December 2020

Newsletter 26th November 2020

Newsletter 12th November 2020

Newsletter 29th October 2020

Newsletter 15th October 2020

Newsletter 1st October 2020

Newsletter 17th September 2020

Newsletter 3rd September 2020

Newsletter 27th August 2020

Newsletter 20th August 2020

Newsletter 6th August 2020

Newsletter 23rd July 2020

Newsletter 16th July 2020

Newsletter 9th July 2020

Newsletter 2nd July 2020

Newsletter 25th June 2020

Newsletter 18th June 2020

Newsletter 11th June 2020 - Network News

Newsletter 4th June 2020 - Network News

Newsletter 28th May 2020 - Network News

Newsletter 21st May 2020 - News & coronavirus updates

Newsletter 14th May 2020 - News & coronavirus updates

Newsletter 7th May 2020 - Network News & coronavirus updates

Newsletter 30th April 2020- Network News & coronavirus updates

Newsletter 23rd April 2020 - Network & Coronavirus news

Newsletter 16th April 2020 - Network & Coronavirus news

Newsletter 9th April 2020 - Coronavirus news and info

Newsletter 2nd April 2020 - Coronavirus news and info

Newsletter 26th March 2020 - Coronavirus news and info

Newsletter 12th March 2020

Network Meetings

There are currently no Network meetings scheduled, however we are meeting every second Wednesday at 11am for a virtual Cuppa and Catch-up on Zoom. Email martina.northwestglasgowvsn@outlook.com if you want to join in or check our weekly newsletter for the link


NWGVSN Annual Report 2018/19

AGM Annual Report 2017/18

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