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Community Planning

What is Community Planning?

Community planning is about how public bodies work together with local communities to design and deliver better services that make a real difference to local people’s lives. Community planning is a key driver of public service reform at local level.  It provides a focus for partnership working driven by strong shared leadership, directed towards distinctive local circumstances.  Partners work together to improve local services, ensuring that they meet the needs of local people, especially for those people who need those services most.

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 creates new rights for community bodies and introduces new duties on public authorities, the Act strengthens the voices of communities in the decisions that matter to them. The Act does a number of things, including strengthening the statutory base for community planning.


Glasgow Community Planning Partnership Structure

The Glasgow Community Planning Partnership brings key public, private, community and voluntary representatives together with the aim of delivering better, more joined-up public services in the city.

Below is an illustration of the formal structures that make up the Glasgow Community Planning Structure and where the Voluntary Sector and the Network has influence and input.

Strategic Board

The Strategic Board sets the citywide strategy and priorities for the Partnership. A main focus for the Strategic Board is producing and implementing the Glasgow Community Plan that describes the shared long-term vision for Glasgow. The Strategic Board aims to maximise opportunities for joint working and establishing arrangements for linkages between the different levels of the planning structures.

The Strategic Board has a workplan which assists in balancing the agendas of the Partnership and allowing for a degree of forward planning. This workplan is shared with the Executive Group. The voluntary sector have influence and input into this through the chair of the Third Sector Executive Committee.

Safe Glasgow Board

Safe Glasgow Group

The main role of the Safe Glasgow Group is to scrutinise and review the Police and Fire and Rescue plans

  • To scrutinise Police Scotland and Scottish Fire & Rescue Services involvement with Glasgow and how they contribute to Glasgow's Community Plan
  • To review the Police Scotland and Scottish Fire & Rescue Local Plans for Glasgow and make recommendations where necessary
  • To review the proposed local operating arrangements for the Police Service of Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

The plans they scrutinise encompass:

  • Priority setting
  • Community engagement
  • Performance related measures.

Follow this link to the Scottish Government Website where you will find the legislation that led to the creation of the Safe Glasgow Group.

Sector Partnerships

What is the role of Sector Partnerships?

  • To develop a Sector Community Planning Partnership implementation plan and investment strategy, which reflect the strategic priorities of the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) and Glasgow City Council (GCC), including those identified in the Glasgow Community Plan.
  • To direct, review and report on the Sector implementation plan and Sector investment strategy.
  • To ensure that the priorities of the Sector implementation plan and Sector investment strategy are informed by local experience by receiving feedback from each Area Partnership and other appropriate structures within the sector.
  • To receive reports and feedback from appropriate partners and structures on the implementation of the strategic priorities of the GCPP and GCC at a sector level.
  • To review and evaluate the delivery of the Police and Fire Plans at the Sector level, as part of local scrutiny and engagement arrangements for the Scottish Police and Fire Services.
  • To contribute to consultations and discussions on future plans and proposals relevant to the Sector.
  • To oversee the Integrated Grants Fund process for the Sector, ensuring that it is consistent with the priorities of the GCPP, GCC, Sector implementation plan and Sector investment strategy.

The Voluntary sector have influence and input in this through Melanie Farrow, the chair of the North West Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network.

Local Area Partnerships

The North West Sector Area Partnership is made up of 8 wards, each with their own Local Area Partnership committee. The voluntary sector have representatives on all 8 Area Partnerships, via our Voluntary Sector Reps, who are all from North West Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network member organisations. Meetings take place 4 times a year - you can find out dates for meetings on the Glasgow City Council website

The role of the Area Partnerships is to:

  • Review and influence, at ward level, progress made towards the implementation of the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership and Glasgow City Council strategic priorities
  • Provide feedback to the North West Sector Community Planning Partnership on the priorities of the Sector implementation plan and investment strategy.
  • Co-ordinate the development and implementation of local action plans, at ward level, which respond to local needs
  • Provide opportunities for communities to engage with the local community planning process and contribute to future plans and proposals
  • To oversee the small area grants fund process

Find out more about Glasgow Community Planning Partnership

Within 3 Area Partnerships in the North West, there are three specific areas which have been identified as  “Thriving Places” – find out more about Thriving Places.

To find out which ward you live in, follow this link to view the Glasgow City Council Interactive Map.

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