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Voluntary Sector Area Partnership Representatives

Each North West Area Partnership committee has a Voluntary Sector Representative, who delivers services in that ward and who is also a member of North West Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network. They represent the issues and ideas of voluntary organisations in their area and where relevant, in the North West or city wide.

North West Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network supports the Reps by helping them to identify the issues in their area, helping them to have their voice heard at Area Partnership meetings and by bringing Reps together to share their views. Our Voluntary Sector Representatives help produce the North West Voluntary Sector Report, which they present at the Community Planning Area Partnership Meetings.

Get to know your local Rep, feed back issues and successes and if you want to find out more about being a Rep, please get in touch or see the link below.

Area Partnership Voluntary Sector Reps July 2023

NWGVSN Voluntary Sector Representative Role and Responsibilities


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