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Thriving Places


There are currently 10 Thriving Places areas in Glasgow, they have been identified as having consistent levels of inequality relative to other parts of the city when looking at child poverty, health indictors and levels of unemployment.

Each Thriving place has its own locality plan, outlining the assets in the area, some of the issues, as well as potential solutions to the areas issues. Thriving Places approach is a 10-year initiative, recognising that making long lasting changes takes time. The plans can change over that period, taking into account changes in the area and, in local people’s confidence in the process, feeling more able to take part in the process, becoming more equal partners.

In the North West there are 3 Thriving Places areas, Drumchapel, Ruchill & Possilpark, Lambhill and Milton. Each with its own locality plan, laying out the area’s assets, issues and the plans local people have developed to tackle some of these issues.

Thriving Places is Glasgow Community Planning Partnerships' place-based approach, that sees local people as assets, that they are experts in their own area and lives and any solutions to problems and issues must come from the community themselves.

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