Network IT Recycling Project Reaches a New Milestone

Since our last update¬† the Network has managed to recycle and distribute a total of 135 PCs, laptops & tablets, most as a package with 6 months free internet access. It has been a busy time and as an example, prior to Christmas, we gave away 9 PCs in 1 day – it got us thinking –¬† how many more people need equipment & internet access and don’t yet have it?

We have had some really nice feedback from members who have referred people. In one case, a man who had been looking for work used his new PC to apply for a job and got it! A family in Drumchapel with 4 school age boys that were given 2 PCs and internet access are now engaging in all their online learning. And some learners with additional support needs are now engaging in their online activities from their local project with recycled IT equipment from us.

The news of the vaccine is really positive and we do hope to go back to a time when we can meet, work and socialise face to face, however until then most of our lives will be lived on the digital world. Lack of access to equipment, can push people further into poverty; be a barrier to learning; make it more difficult to apply for jobs; to manage benefits; to engage in support and services, when many have moved online; to keep in contact with family and friends and to find the best deals when shopping. This means, that now more than ever equipment & reliable WIFI needs to be seen as right and not an optional extra.

If any members, organisations, workplaces or educational establishments read this and want to help, please consider donating your old IT equipment. The PCs can easily we securely wiped and the PC/laptop be recycled and be of use to someone who needs it. This also makes sense for the environment as many pieces of equipment end up in landfill.

If you want to find out more about the project, to donate or refer contact


Martina Johnston Gray, Network Manager

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