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We are looking for new Board Members

Are you our next new Board Member?

At North West Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network SCIO, we support, connect and advocate for third sector organisations within North West Glasgow so they have the funding, capacity and power to provide the best possible services.

We are managed by an Executive Committee or Board, made up of members who run or work for member organisations. We are now looking to recruit some new Board members.

Board members, sometimes called trustees are responsible for helping to develop an organisation’s vision and values and making sure they are maintained. Establishing strategic direction, and ensuring staff and any volunteers have the resources they need to carry out their work. They also manage risk and make sure that finances are spent and reported properly.

The Network’s board currently meets every 6 weeks, on Zoom and meetings last around one and a half hours. Board members sometimes discuss matters outwith these times, but demands on board members time is not excessive.

Are you our next new Board Member? If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact the Network Manager, Martina for an informal chat

Please note there will be a more formal selection and induction process should you decide you want to join the board.

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