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Corona Virus COVID-19 Information and Resources

UPDATED 24 March 2020

Corona Virus Update and Information Links
Dear Members,
As the Corona Virus hits Scotland harder, it’s becoming clearer that our work and home life as we know it must change. Coupled with the ongoing uncertainty around funding, this could be a stressful time for us all. It will be especially stressful for those who are still supporting the most vulnerable people in the community while keeping safe yourselves.

If like me, you’re trying to juggle home schooling, working from home and keeping an eye on older relatives you have my sympathy. I felt I was doing a great, only to be told, school is much better fun…!

The Third Sector has been tested so many times before and has always found a solution. It’s apparent in the tweets, Facebook posts and calls to action I’ve seen over the last couple of weeks and days – this is still the case. I am aware it’s not without consequence though, the pressure on people’s mental and physical well-being is immense.

Network staff are now working from home, we know how lucky we are to do so, but want to support our members as much as we can, so please let us know how we can help.

Like others, we are thinking of ways of connecting virtually, Lynn had the great idea of a virtual coffee break. We’ll be using Zoom and WhatsApp to do this- please look at registering for Zoom and then watch out for an invite to a virtual Network member coffee break – it will be a space to chat, share your issues or just a catch-up blether. This can be our chance to see if it works for you, and then we can have more formal meetings in the future.

I hope you, your work colleagues, people you provide services for, your family and friends stay safe and well.


Corona Virus COVID-19 Updates, Resource and Community Information
We are aware that there as so many sources of information about Corona Virus and the local and national responses to the ever-changing situation. We do not want to duplicate work that has already been done. So here we have pulled together a list of links to websites and information, that we hope will be of use to you. We will try our best to update and add to this as we go.

Government & Council Updates

Glasgow’s Response

A community directory has launched, providing vital support to voluntary groups and the public during the current crisis. Developed by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), the Covid-19 Third Sector Information Hub allows groups to share what non-medical help they can offer to the public and other organisations. It also enables groups to share what assistance they require and find offers of help between organisations. At the same time, the public can access it to search for support from organisations in their community, using a geographical search and to find information on how they can volunteer or help in their community. The site is gradually building its database of contacts.

GCVS has pulled together a directory specifically to highlight where there are additional services that people can access at this time or where there is spare capacity for new clients. .They will keep the directory updated, so if you have a support that could be included please send information via this link: Community Supports Around Covid-19 Survey.

Health & Wellbeing Updates Multi Lingual Corona Virus information

Charitable Bodies & Networks Updates


What can funders do to help community organisations? – take this short survey from Scottish Community Development Centre

Information for Young People – corona virus explained

COMMUNITY – you can sign up here to register to Volunteer – Glasgow North West Covid-19 Mutual Aid – email if you can help support them

Working From Home

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