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Whiteinch Centre Update

The Whiteinch Centre shared an update on the future of the Centre below:




Whiteinch Centre Update – 2nd March 2023

The future of the Whiteinch Centre has been subject to speculation over the last few months, because of long term funding not being renewed.  This has been a difficult period for the Whiteinch Centre Limited Board (WCL) and the staff as they considered the possible closure of the Whiteinch Centre permanently.

After a review of the centre activities and the options available to prevent the closure of the Whiteinch Centre by Whiteinch and Scotstoun Housing and Association (WSHA).  I am delighted to confirm that WSHA and WCL have reached an agreement on a funding support package to secure the future of the Whiteinch Centre for the next 12 months.

This will allow WCL and WSHA to engage with the local community on the longer-term future of the Whiteinch Centre and develop a new sustainable model that will be implemented beyond this initial 12-month period of support.   WSHA want to work with WCL and the local community to keep the Whiteinch Centre open and providing services the community want and need.

WSHA aim to invest in the centre over the next year and work with the staff, volunteers, tenants and local people – those of you who use the centre and those who might use it in the future.

Unfortunately, due to the current financial situation, certain business decisions have been made and this means the Café in the Whiteinch Centre will be closed from the 31st March 2023, as the revenue from the café is not sufficient or consistent enough to allow the service to remain open.  However, the area will still be open for socialising, teas and coffees and more information will be shared with the users of the Centre and the community by the end of March about these arrangements.

WSHA and WCL value the views and opinions of the community and have appointed North West Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network to undertake a community engagement survey about the Whiteinch Centre.  This consultation will commence in March and run through until the end of April 2023.

Part of this community engagement consultation will involve a Family Fun Day on Saturday 8th of April.  Additionally, opportunities to participate in the engagement process will be available via focus groups, where you will be invited to come along and have a bite to eat and discuss your views and ideas.   If you are interested in joining the focus groups, please register your interest with the Whiteinch Centre reception.

Thank for your ongoing support of the Whiteinch Centre and pleas get involved in helping us plan the future of the Centre.


Kind Regards – Whiteinch Centre Board 

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