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Coming out of Lockdown: Opening Community Spaces

Due to the amount of information available AND the lack of specific government advice regarding re-opening of Community Spaces and Centres post lockdown, some Network members and staff worked together on Zoom Working Groups to discuss re-opening their spaces.

Two Working Groups looked at Policy and Procedures and Opening Spaces to share experience, chat through issues and help guide each other (and others) through the vast amount of different versions of guidance, rules and advice. The links to the documents below, are not official guidance, but are there to help other organisations navigate coming out of lockdown, based on group members knowledge, suggestions and experience.

The Risk Action Plan asks questions to invite organisations to reflect on their own risk assessments, policies and procedures. It should be used as a tool to help organisations develop their own risk assessments, tailored to their needs (and the needs of their service users and staff) or to adapt existing policies and procedures to the new circumstances.
Risk Action Plan Covid 19_Aug20

The Spaces Group developed two documents Tips to Re-opening Your Community Space, based on a mix of government/official bodies’ guidance and members own experience, the document features some tips, as well as lists of links to guidance that our members found useful for their planning. The second document is a Spaces Assessment tool that can be used to help analyse and assess your Spaces.
Spaces Reopening Tips and Resources_Aug2020


UPDATE 17/9/20

This recording with Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director for the Scottish Government, at  the recent SCVO Q & A lasts about 1 hour. It is highly recommended that anyone running a community facility or centre takes the time to watch it, as useful discussions about how to adapt services for a variety of groups and settings. Cope Scotland

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